What sets NS Fiberglass Apart from the Rest

Working with Nick and his brother Sal at Nick Sahin Fiberglass has been an incredibly positive experience. Nick's customer-focused approach, honesty, and exceptional craftsmanship make his shop a standout business.

Over the years, Nick has consistently demonstrated his expertise, from straightening and fairing my keel on a cruising boat after a grounding to handling assorted jobs on multiple boats, such as replacing a deck, fabricating rudder bearings, fixing leaking ports, re-bedding chain plates and stanchion bases, filling voids in my rudder, installing backing plates, a swim ladder, compartmentalizing my anchor locker for chain and rode storage, addressing issues with stringers in the hull, and more. On top of that, the paintwork is second to none, and that comes from the effort put into preparation.

What sets Nick Sahin Fiberglass apart from other shops is their deep knowledge, attention to detail, and clear communication. Nick is 'always' available. He answers the phone. He makes his customers feel like they are the only person in the room, as if your job is their most important job. In short, he is hands-on and explains what's needed, listens patiently, and offers cost-effective solutions to problem areas. He delivers on time too. Once when I needed work on a damaged racing boat, he focused and had it ready for the race course on time and on budget. Nick and Sal work with customers. In the end, results are excellent, and the experience feels more like a positive family partnership than a client-supplier relationship.

Whether it's designing and building projects or tackling jobs big or small, Nick Sahin Fiberglass consistently delivers quality work that stands the test of time.

Nick's meticulous approach to projects, transparency, timely delivery, and positive friendly attitude make him an outstanding partner for you and your boat.

I wholeheartedly provide this testimonial in Nick Sahin Fiberglass; their success is well-deserved.

Anthony M Iacono

Blown Away

For 3 years I had been blown off by everyone who said they’d come and give me an estimate on painting the topside of my 45’ Viking. Finally in 2019 found Nick he answered my phone call and made arrangements to meet me at my boat with in 3 days. When we met I instantly made friends with him. Nick was very thorough and had an estimate and a schedule to me within a week. That winter he took my boat in as scheduled, during the project Nick stayed in contact with me giving me updates on project schedule. When the boat left the shop I was extremely impressed with the quality and workmanship. The topside looked so good I now couldn’t stand the looks of the Hull so the boat went back in the following winter to get the Hull painted as well But only this time I needed quite a bit of structural reconstruction. Nick was once again awesome to work with. Since then he has continued to give me great service and great work, Him and his whole team are the best In The boating industry I am very fortunate to know him as a client and a friend.
Tim Montalto

Highly Recommended

We highly recommend Nick Sahin Fiberglass for any boat delamination and painting work. They painted our entire 53 ft Navigator – above and below the waterline. Their team is extremely professional, and they stand by their work with unwavering dedication. Nick Sahin himself takes the time to thoroughly explain the process, providing expert guidance every step of the way. Even four years later, they are still willing to answer any questions we may have, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction. Having previously engaged other boat repair companies whose work didn't withstand time, Nick Sahin Fiberglass truly stands out. Nick ensures transparency by showing the work as he progresses, and because of their deep experience, their estimates were on target. They created a comprehensive timeline and delivered according to plan, reflecting their professionalism and reliability in every aspect of the job. If you're seeking top-notch boat repair services, Nick Sahin Fiberglass is undoubtedly the go-to choice.
David Pinault and Joyce Therieault


I have done 2 to 4 projects with Nick and Nick Sahin fiberglass over the past 20 years. The first time was when my 23’ regulator center console broke off its mooring and ended up on the rocks. Once salvaged, the hull was damaged enough to require multiple layers of glass and gelcoat. The trick, with the boat being over 15 years old, to get the gelcoat color duplicated. Nick got the coloring to patch perfectly! Even now, 20 years later, the 1994 regular still looks practically new! I recently had the boat surveyed by the insurance company and they were terribly impressed by the conditions of the hull. I can only credit Nick and his expertise in the repair. Another much bigger project was in the restoration of the starboard chain plate area in the family’s C&C 33 foot sailboat. The starboard side chain plate ares, that provides an anchor point for the starboard stays for the mast, were severely dry rotted. Not an easy task. And the hull gelcoat was severely faded. An ongoing concern obviously was the cost of doing the repair. But after Nick went through the process he intended to perform, and the level of detail he put into the repairs and gel recoat, it made the entire repair all worthwhile. It was not short of “perfect”!! I can recommend Nick Sahin Fiberglass with no reservations!
Bill Loweth

Can’t go wrong with NS Fiberglass

I have over 35 years of experience in the marine industry and I hold Nick Sahin in the highest regard. There is nothing fiberglass, gel coat and paint related that I wouldn’t trust to Nick, Sal and the crew at NSF. I have worked with Nick replacing keels and rudders, hull peeling, paint jobs, light carpentry, storm damage, grounding damage, bulkhead replacement, structural grid repairs and much more.

The last project he helped me out with was a catamaran vs. an ocean buoy where the catamaran lost. Nick took a methodical approach to come up with a plan to rebuild the damaged starboard pontoon, communicated his plan fully with me and the insurance adjuster and then fully implemented it. The boat looked better than new when he was done all while being on time and on budget.

You can’t go wrong with Nick Sahin Fiberglass.

John Lewis General Manager, Essex Boat Works, LLC

A Wonderful Team

They should call it the Sahin Brothers Fiberglass Co. Nick and Sal are a wonderful team and their seamless relationship is a pleasure to behold. They have restored and painted two of our boats over the past 20 years. People often ask us who did the work and when they learn it was the Sahin's, they note the quality and don't ask if it was a bargain. They don't cut corners, or miss deadlines and are fair when the inevitable changes happen and negotiate fairly. I liked the fact that my wife and I were welcome to stop by the shop and watch the progress as it came together or just shoot the bull and marvel at the scope and complexity of the projects that they undertake daily.

Craig Bush

I just picked up my boat from Nick, it's the third or fourth project he's done for me in the last few years. Working with Nick is an investment in my boat, but one I'm happy to make because his work is solid and done right. If you've owned a boat, you know that fiberglass projects are seldom just fiberglass projects, and Nick has a keen eye for finishing multifaceted projects - including the last job when he called because he'd found a more affordable way to get it done.

Rush Hambleton

We have known Nick and Sal for over 25 years both as a customer and later as friends. The work performed on our 1978 37’ Hatteras in 2003 still to this day makes the boat look like it just came out of the factory. We have recommended over the years, to many of our friends, having Nick do work on their boat leaving many satisfied customers. Quality of work goes without saying. Nick spends time with you to be sure everything is the way you want. Completion of work follows the schedule planned in the project.

June and Jack Monahan

Working with Nick is awesome. He has unparalleled technical expertise, a wealth of product knowledge and pride in workmanship. Nick Sahin does not cut corners. Communication is great. He discusses all aspects of the project offering various solutions. Our work was completed on schedule. I would recommend Nick Sahin Fiberglass without hesitation.

Lewis Foster